Please read the rules very carefully to ensure the safety of our Fish, Environment and yourselves. We operate a zero tolerance for breaching any of the following rules and you may be asked to leave.


  • All Gates must remain closed at all times no arrivals after 4.45pm

  • Please observe the 5mph speed limit and one-way system around the lake

    Once parked and unloaded then no driving around the lake for toilets or services; it is not far to walk

  • We will not tolerate unnecessary or excessive noise

    Please keep all telephone conversations and personal entertainment levels low so they cannot be heard outside your pod.

  • No spot lights

    Only standard bivvy lights & head torches

  • One non fishing guest allowed by prior arrangement

    You must arrive together. (if a child they must be supervised at all times.)

  • No Visitors

  • No petrol allowed on site only gas

    If you use a gas stove inside the pods it must be placed on the metal shield provided. For your safety you must have the window vented and/or the door open which will eliminate the co2 meter from alarming.

  • No disposable BBQ’s or fires

  • No guns of any sort

  • No dogs/pets allowed on site

  • No drugs. Alcohol in moderation

    Please drink responsibly.

  • Please treat the site & nature with respect

    Take all litter home including tea bags and bottle tops. Place all cigarette ends in the buckets provided.

  • Do not use the fishery boats without prior arrangments

    These are for the bailiff to carry out maintenance work or anglers assistance should it be needed.

  • No Swimming


  • No braided main lines

    only on marker & spod rod

  • Rig Tubing preferred

  • No Leadcore Leaders

    safe zone leaders or similar are fine

  • No fixed rigs

    All rigs must break free.

  • Minimum 15lb main line

  • Never pull for a break. If you get snagged up call the bailiff

  • Bait boats are allowed on all our Lakes

  • Micro barbed hooks only

  • 3 Rod limit per person/peg on PB Lake

  • 10 Rod Lake limit/3 Rod limit per angler on Rick's Lake

  • 6 Rod Lake limit/3 Rod limit per angler on Blackwood

  • You must use the nets, slings, unhooking mats & water buckets provided. No others.

  • Fish care is very important to us you must handle our fish with care

    Fish must only be lifted from the water using the slings provided whilst still in a collapsed net.

  • Please remove all jewellery

    (rings, watches, bracelets.) before handling the fish.

  • You must carry a carp care kit.

    Treat all fish wounds with the appropriate treatment

  • Fishing from inside the designated peg only.

    Do not set up your rods on the grass banks.

  • Do not leave your rods unattended

    Reel in when you are not in your swim

  • Fishing strictly on the lake you are booked on

  • Only bait purchased from ourselves may be used see Bait Information

  • Do not throw unwanted bait into the lake

    All unused baits to be taken home or donated to the bailiff for the stock ponds.